UNO Contract furnishes new Trieste hotel

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| August 2021

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Renovation of the hotel You.Me DesignPlace by architect Simone Micheli has involved a complete refurbishment of the property, and Venetian family firm UNO Contract were called in to supply the furnishings for the rooms, suites and common areas. The style of this four-star hotel in the historic centre of Trieste is linked to, in Micheli’s own words, “a story connected to the new idea of luxury, which is not opulence and redundant geometries, but simplicity, essentiality and wonder. Colours like white and pearl grey become physical material to be modelled. The outstanding refined surfaces, mirrors that reflect the multiplicity of our sense of existence, images that merge past, present and future, become tangible signs containing univocal messages that with vibrating lighting connote the common areas and vigorously alter space, also in the rooms.”

UNO Contract provided customised furniture to the architect’s drawings: on the ground floor, the reception desk with portal and shaped mirror prepped for installing a TV set, decorative panels for the lobby, furniture and display cabinets for the bar, decorative panels and storage units for the breakfast room. The futuristically shaped surfaces are in white laminate. The company has also supplied all the furniture for the rooms and suites. UNO Contract brings 35 years of expertise, and during that time have implemented projects for hotels, residences, restaurants and cruise ships, always with an emphasis on efficiency, and the quality of the materials used.

You.Me Design Place Hotel

Client, Proprietor and Management: Borin Hotels Group

Interior Design and Lighting Project: Arch. Simone Micheli

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