Refined and Elegant – Marco Piva Private House in the heart of Padua, Italy

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| August 2021

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Milan based Studio Marco Piva have created this private home, located in the heart of Padua, Italy, enjoying panoramic views of the entire city. The project served to emphasise the existing spaces and echo the Art Nouveau architecture of the building. The client brief was to create a refined and elegant home which is contemporary yet complements the architectural features of the building and the home’s pre-existing works of art and furnishings. Research into colour played a key role in the development of the design, favouring a highly varied and sophisticated palette where neutral colours alternate with brighter elements such as marble. The result – an exclusive home incorporating many custom finishes, bespoke designs and fine materials which, combined with a sophisticated lighting system, serve to create spectacular plays of light and shadow.

On the top floor of this four-floor property, access to the terrace is via a glass skylight which opens and closes automatically. Here a swimming pool made of mosaic is crossed by plays of light and reflections, echoing the colours of the sky and harmonising with the stone detailing and outdoor furniture personally selected by the client.

To enhance the project, Studio Marco Piva worked closely with historic Italian design company Lualdi, who have been creating interior doors and bespoke furniture since 1859. With showrooms in Milan, New York and Miami, Lualdi work with the world’s most important architects and designers. For this project, they created all the tailor-made doors and panelling, the elevator cabin, and realised custom finishes such as a leather-covered wall and door partition.

Studio Marco Piva

Via Maiocchi 9,

20129 Milano,


+39 02 29400814

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