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Portugal Homes has been accomplishing incredible goals since its foundation in 2017. Thanks to the vision of co-founders David Poston and Gary Harland, and the hard work of their team, the company has established itself at the forefront of Portugal’s investment and golden visa market. Part of the Harland & Poston Group since 2020, Portugal Homes now works with 38 different markets worldwide, and took several European awards in the International Property Awards last year.

A new department for upcoming developments

The increasing number of sales over the past years has been possible thanks to entire teams working towards the same purpose – expanding and nurturing the Portugal Homes brand. As investors’ needs grew, the company felt the need to step up. This translated into the creation of new client focused departments. For example, The Project Development & Construction department, was designed to fulfil investor’s needs when it comes to buying and renovating a building for investment purposes. This department combines an in-depth understanding of construction and its latest techniques, from strategic and cost-effective thinking to helping clients obtain a quick return on investment.

Garcia 38, Lusíadas 75, Rosa 121, Pátio do Jordão, Rosa II, Sebastião 86 and Gil Vicente 4 are just seven of the high recapitalization and profitability projects the team have been working on within the premium and up-and-coming areas of Lisbon. Each development the department brings to life is exclusive and unique. Once the client has made an investment, the After Sales Department facilitates the purchase and helps grow and manage the investment, even when clients are overseas. The eyes and ears of the client in the field, this department is ready to guarantee both the investment’s safety and a healthy return. This in turn helps create a long-lasting and trustworthy working relationship.

The company’s success stems from its people

The company’s culture is an important asset for the business, as the majority (if not all) clients come from overseas. With Mandarin and Russian speakers on the staff, as well as other languages spoken, the company is diverse and fully embraces the creativity a multicultural environment encourages. Staff are able to express ideas and thoughts through Employee Talks – a scheme recently implemented to show an ability to differentiate, cultivate and promote their identity to not only prospective job candidates here, but also to clients making a purchase. “We want viewers to understand why we stand out from the crowd and think it’s a great opportunity for you to get to know us better.”

 “Getting to sit back and take a look at what we’ve built and continue to build reminds me why we keep pushing each day. We’re nothing but grateful”, said David Poston and Gary Harland.


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