STIRIXIS’ Group’s concept renovates Daikin’s new workplaces

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| August 2021

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Daikin, a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC-R equipment (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), engaged STIRIXIS Group for the renovation of their workplaces in Athens, as a further step to the close collaboration between the two companies on the creation and roll-out of the “Daikin Blue Dealer Plus” retail concept. The STIRIXIS team delivered Daikin’s new workplace in under two months, on time and on budget using a holistic approach based on the new workplace strategy. The end result is modern offices that address the current trends on user experience and high functionality and follow the company’s core identity and values, emphasising its empowering and innovative spirit. The offices were completely remodelled to aesthetically expand upon Daikin’s distinctive blue palette, staying true to the client’s brand identity. Open spaces in areas like brainstorming booths, meeting points and meeting rooms, and sound-absorbing surfaces as well as hanging LED panels, enhance the office experience. The environmental graphics developed Daikin’s concept further, as employees were encouraged to share what Daikin means to them – their answers were imprinted on the office’s walls, creating a sense of familiarity as opposed to a corporate image.

Christina Antoniou, Managing Director, Daikin Hellas comments:

“Our successful cooperation with STIRIXIS Group in building our professional network and new retail concept “Daikin Blue Dealer Plus” over the past few years drove us to choose them once again for the expansion and refurbishment of our main offices in Athens. The project required modern offices for our future company expansion, ensuring all safety and health standards for a prosperous workplace, under a tight timeline and within budget, through close cooperation with a contractor. The result was excellent and very much appreciated by our people.”


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