Alexander Wong Architects’ ‘WAR ZONE Wormhole Lounge’

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| July 2021

July 2021 marks the launch of the first Wargame Urban Theme Park ‘WAR ZONE’ in Hong Kong. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s creation of New York in London for the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and the Sci-Fi Western Classic ‘Westworld,’ Alexander Wong Architects recently designed the WAR ZONE Wormhole Lounge as part of this Urban Wargame Theme Park for Airsoft Aficionados and Metropolitan Adventurers alike. According to its co-owner and co-creator Mr. Julian Got, “My business partner Gordon and I came back to this city from abroad and became involved with the local airsoft community. At first, we simply wished to create a space for the aficionados and athletes. The idea quickly morphed into something more. In a city where land is scarce and daily life is so routine, War Zone offers a vital hub for individuals from all walks of life to socialise, unwind, and live out their inner fantasies.”

As another signature piece, Wong’s team has introduced many innovations at ‘Wormhole Lounge’ including “Do Not Cross” Reception with Worktop & Bench, Time Warp Flooring, Sheared Cargo Trunks, Impossible Cube and Stencil Art with Quotes from Nietzsche and Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art Of War.’

As co-creator, Gordon explains, “Each area works together to create a coherent and surreal experience. The resting area mimics a spatio-temporal wormhole that transports you to a virtual reality, except it is no longer virtual. The three ultra-realistic game zones are instantly recognisable period pieces. We even have a Piazza complete with flower shop and outdoor café where you can sip coffee while your friends are in the heat of war.”

Witnessing the blurred lines between the physical and the virtual, War Zone seeks to combine the best of both worlds offering an experiential theme park that would resonate with anyone who enters. The brand aims to expand to other parts of Asia and beyond.

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