Logo Usage Regulations

All applications of your logo must follow these regulations. Unauthorised use of your logo(s) will result in a lifetime ban from entering subsequent awards and may result in disqualification of awards and legal proceedings. These regulations are necessary to prevent abuse of the logo.

Minimum size

The logo must not be used at a size smaller than 15mm in width.

Altering the logo

The Property Awards logo that we provide you with must not be altered in any way.


Where possible it should be placed in the bottom quarter of the advert and should stand on its own, with no text wrapping around it.


If there is a colour background behind the logo, a white keyline minimum 0.75mm thick must be placed around the ribbon.

Discreet usage

The logo must be used discreetly, once per page.

Derivative works

You must not create logos copying or emulating the official logo.

Logo crest

You must not separate the crest and wording from your personalised winners' logo.

Large formats

On posters, billboards or similar large format displays, the logo must not occupy more than 10% of the total area.

Reference to the awards

The official name is The International Property Awards.

Company references

Any reference to your award(s) should focus solely on your company's success.


Under no circumstances should you make any reference or negative comments about other award winners or competitors.

If you are in any doubt about these requirements
please seek advice from us.

+44 (0)1245 250981
[email protected]

Download your official winners' logo

As a winner your company can use a custom Awards logo in your marketing. However, because the logo includes brand trademarks, there are some important rules you need to follow when using the logo and referring to the awards. Before you obtain your logo, please read the regulations above carefully, then click "Accept & continue" to download your logos.