Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to speak with a member of our awards team, who can guide you through the first steps of registration, and answer any questions you may have.

You will be assigned an awards advisor, who will be your contact throughout the whole process, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

The first step is to complete a registration form, your awards advisor will send this to you as a PDF. The registration form is where you select which categories you’d like to enter, and which country you’d like to enter them for.

The registration form is also where you can provide payment details for the registration fee(s).

There are registration deadlines for each region, please check with your awards advisor to ensure you register in time.
We will use information from your registration form to contact you, so be sure to fill the form out carefully.

Building your entry

Once you have been successfully registered, your awards advisor will send you an entry pack for your category.

The entry pack contains details about the criteria and marking scheme for that category, as well as detailed rules and guidelines for your entry.

Included in the entry pack is your entry form, this is where you will provide the basic information about your entry.

When putting your entry together, it’s a good idea to follow the flow of the entry criteria, labelling sections “A” “B1” “B2” etc. This will help you make sure you have covered all of the criteria and makes it easier for our judges to follow.

Remember you can also attach physical examples in your entry such as marketing material. Digital attachments unfortunatly cannot be judged.

There are strict entry deadlines for each region, please check with your awards advisor to ensure you send your entry in on time.

Packing & preparing your entry

Your entry must include your physical entry material, your completed entry form, and a disk or drive of high resolution images of your project.

You may also wish to include attachments such as building mateiral examples or marketing packs, please ensure refrences are made to these attachemnts in your entry.

Refer to the guidelines in your entry pack for specific size & weight requirements.

Ensure you also include a disk or USB drive with high resolution images of your project.

Sending your entry

Once you’re happy with your entry, you need to send your entry to our UK office.

There are very strict entry deadlines, so it’s a good idea to send in your entry as early as possible, and use a reliable courier service.


Regional judging session

We have a panel of expert judges all over the world, each judge is allocated entries which match their areas of expertise.

Your entry will be judged againest every criteria point for that category and given a rating of poor, average, good, very good, or excellent for each criteria point. After which each judge may make notes to justify their scoring.

Designing your entry to follow the flow of the entry criteria will help ensure you have covered every point, you may lose points if criteria are missed, regardless of whether your project fulfills them.

Regional scoring

Once all of the entries have been judged, the judge’s scores are totalled and a percentage score is calculated for each entry.

The final percentage score for your entry will decide if you win an award or not, it will also decide if your award will be 5 Star.

For each category, the highest-scoring 5 Star winners are automatically awarded the regional award for that category.

The percentage scoring system sometimes means that a category may have no winners.
Popular categories will have lots of competition, and will often mean entries are 1 or 2 points away from winning or losing.