• Previous winners have reported a significant increase in sales / business as a direct result of winning an award.
  • The independent endorsement of your company’s expertise and professionalism.
  • Use of the widely recognised branded winners logo for use on your website and marketing / public relations material.
  • Supported by major media partners and recognised quality branded sponsors.
  • Award winners report positive results including higher awareness, sales and levels of staff morale.
  • Awards supported by 15 professional bodies worldwide and independently judged by a panel of over 50 experts.
  • Global media coverage reaching an international audience.

Press Coverage

Our media partners ensure international coverage and help raise the profile of winning companies. You will be able to attract significant trade, regional and local press coverage by utilising the skeletal press release we provide.

Alternatively, our general press release which has been circulated widely throughout the media will give you all the information you need to compile your own. Contact your local and regional media, particularly outlets where you place regular publicity. We are happy to accept contact from them and conduct interviews on your behalf.

Public Relations

Some of the UK’s most successful public relations companies have provided a professional award presentation and submission service. We can put you in touch with firms prepared to offer a no-obligation PR consultation. Taking advantage of this offer can help you build on your company’s success by ensuring you get the right message across to all the right people.


You should feature your award prominently on the web. Mutual links can be set up between www.propertyawards.net and your own site. We have a portfolio of websites which receive 120,000 unique visitors per month, helping to promote award winners and showcase their properties.


Your awards logo can be used (subject to certain guidelines) on all your company’s adverts, websites and marketing materials. Particularly innovative ideas have included branding on company vehicles, a projection on the side of buildings (especially effective at night) and posters that cover hoardings at new developments.

Awards Merchandise

Take a look at our selection of extras that you can purchase to promote your awards. Awards Merchandise